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Professional Mangrove Tree Trimming & Care


Professional Mangrove Tree Trimming & Care


There are three species of mangroves in Florida: Red Mangroves, White Mangroves and Black Mangroves. The role of mangroves in the ecology of estuarine and marine environments cannot be understated. That is why the State of Florida through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Lee County regulate the destruction, removal and trimming of all species of mangroves.

Does your waterfront property have Mangroves?

We are adept at balancing the aesthetics, view of the water, and the complicated mangrove regulations of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the counties of Lee County Florida.


Mangrove Tree Services

We provide consulting services.

We provide consulting services, along with pruning and mitigation if required. Looking to clear access to a dock? If you are considering purchasing a property and want to know in advance what mangrove trimming will be allowed, we can help.

How much can Mangrove Trees be trimmed?

  • If the trees are over 24′ tall, it is difficult to get a permit and we discourage trimming.
  • If the trees are between 16′ and 24′ tall, we may be able to trim them 25% per year.
  • If trees are less than 16′ tall, we can trim them to a height that will not significantly adversely affect the health of the trees or 6’0″ above the substrate, whichever is higher. However, some trees cannot be safely trimmed to 6’0. In these cases, we may be able to incrementally trim them to 6’0 over several years, but, some trees, because of their growth pattern and trimming history, cannot safely be trimmed to 6’0 under any circumstance.
  • If the length of the Riparian Mangrove Fringe is greater than 150′, we can generally trim 65% of the total area of the Riparian Mangrove Fringe. If you would like to trim more than 65% of the Riparian Mangrove Fringe, mitigation is generally required.

We will advise you in advance what you can expect.

How often do I have to trim the Mangroves on my property?

This depends on the clients goals. Mangroves can be pruned up to 25% of their total Lee for surface annually if desired.

What areas do you serve?

We specialize in Southwest Florida, where we are fully licensed to work – all throughout Southwest Florida.

Mangrove Tree Care in Southwest Florida
Mangrove Trimming in Southwest Florida

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